Saturday, December 19, 2009

2010 Ride Meet, Greet and Eat

From left; Jimmy, Shu, Shorty, Me, Steph and Alex

Given that a few more people will be riding this year I felt it may be a wise idea to introduce them to each other prior to spending a straining 2 weeks on the road together. For this reason dinner was aranged at mine for both social and organisational purposes of course.

While the intention was to ensure all the full-trip riders met it was soon discovered between work, weddings and flu this was not as viable as thought. Still it was a brilliant night filled with fine food and company.

Milk-crates: An engineers solution to a furniture shortage problem

Those that ended up making the evening included:
  • Shu: From uni and also completed part of last years ride with me, Shu will be doing a leg or two of this years ride
  • Shorty: Was a bike shop guy and whip cracker to me on the Great Victorian Bike Ride and upon discovering we only like 8km from each other regular cycles and the potential of him cycling a leg of the ride have been put on the table
  • Alex: Good friend and cycling buddy, Alex and his workplace Deus have provided tremendous support towards me and this ride, Alex is intending to cycle a leg of the ride
  • Steph: Girlfriend of Alex and friend from uni, we are slowly getting Steph acclimatised to the idea of cycling a leg
Other people you will get to know but couldn't make the evening:
  • Sri: My sanity, Sri is the person that over the past 2 years has always ensured both my feet are secured on the ground. While Sri had intended to ride the whole ride he has kindly set this aside to fill in as a support driver, which we were lacking
  • Chris: Friend from uni and super keen cyclist, Chris will be cycling this whole ride with ease
  • Tom: Newly found friend who found out about the ride when published in The Northern District Times , Tom is considering coming on all or part of the ride and after cycling with him he will do so with ease
Other than eating food and enjoying one and another company we also managed to review the itinerary and sort some finer details of the ride, including meal plans, equipment, training and logistics. While we are still working out how to attach both a trailer, 4 bike-bike-rack and 5 bikes to the car with all else I have to say we are getting there, lucky to as it's not long now.

Personally I have to say the best part of the night was having three gentlemen clean up for me... That is not something you see everyday but I think I selected the most domesticated guys to go on a long cycle with.

The boys hard at work

Assembly line to maximise efficacy, I must say I was very impressed

Jimmy takes his drying seriously

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