Friday, December 25, 2009

What Better Way to Celebrate Boxing Day Than With Beer (Glass)?

While my inability to consume gluten results in a severe lack of beer in my diet, my bike decided to get right into the festivities of Boxing Day consuming a large chunk of beer glass on approaching the decent into Berowra Waters on todays ride. This unfortunately resulted in a spectacular puncher and a need to pull over and change the tube.

Changing a tube is usually a frustration especially in the wet conditions we were posed with today I am not sure I have ever had such a frustrating experience. It took three able bodies (me, Jimmy and Tom), five tire leavers and a lot of time. After many a slip and changes in strategy we finally succeeded to change over the inner tube and get back on the road.

Due to visibility concerns I finally wore my 2007 GVBR jersey...I have no doubts everyone saw me and soon after blinded

Excluding this minor inconvenience the ride today was brilliant. Even with the forecast for rain I was lucky enough to have two eager riders join, Jimmy who will be cycling to Melbourne and Tom (AKA the Hill King). After a little persuading Jimmy drove out to mine to meet at 530am where we left to meet Tom along the way. It took both Tom and I a few kilometers to get over the amusement that Jimmy was riding with two saddles, one one bike and the other stuffed in his jersey. Jimmy assure us it was as he was testing one and didn't want to be caught out if it wasn't comfortable, Tom and I had our own thoughts and have deemed that 'Jimmy 2 Seats' has a razor ass.

'Jimmy 2 Seats' recovering after tearing into his saddle

The ride totaled 110km and went out to Bobbin Head, Galston Gorge, Berowra Waters then back through Pennant Hills to home. While the misting managed to keep us a touch wet the rain was kind enough to hold off most of the way with the majority of drenching coming from each others rear wheels. Upon completion it was very amusing to see the sopping, greasy, muddy state we were all in.

The hottest look this summer; caking suncream, chain grease with a splattering of road grime to ensure it all sticks

Merry Christmas to all, I hope you all stayed safe and had a splendid time.

Only 2 weeks till we leave! Oh dear...

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