Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rains, Drains and Minor Pains

It would be an understatement to say that the last few days have been an interesting experience and quite eventful, even after the two days of puncture practice.

Monday began with the blaring of my alarm at X:XXam (censored as to not scare small children or men). While I can do early I decided that after last year getting use to shoveling food in at that time prior to riding might be an idea. I seem to have a fairly set patten upon bouncing out of bed and first step is radio, coffee on then sit down to SMH and BOM while I wait. This morning in particular a slight pitta-patter of rain could be heard and given the two prior days I thought nothing of it. Even when the news provided flash flood warnings in true Sarah style I went on my balcony and decided the rain was not going to make for a nice ride however it did not warrant loosing the kilometers. As a result after pushing some muesli and coffee in my mouth and updating my facebook status to sook about the rain I was off.

Dad use to magically know when I has been in the bath long enough by whether I had prune fingers. Do you think this applies for cycling in the rain?

Not long after I had gone out I discovered why they are called flash floods. 10km out the rains had picked up and I was finding myself cycling through large amounts of water developing intense rapids down the hills and accumulating in pools at the bottom. At this point I was as wet as I was going to be and had convinced myself that the knee deep water wading and rapid cycling would vanish as soon as it had come. Luckily this stubbornness only lasted until the rain picked up to a point where it actually hurt, disappointed but relieved that i would be able to dry off I headed home. On a lighter side for some strange reason when wringing out my clothes I measured much water I could get out of each item, results are as follows:

Wringing the water out after dripping all over my house

GVBR Jersy = 70ml
Knicks = 75ml
Hat and Gloves = 40ml
Bra, Undies, Socks = 55ml

Tuesday started much the same but a lot less wet, in fact I even got slightly too much sun. I have however decided I need to be a little more careful checking my gear after loosing one of the screws holing my left clip on down a drain in true Sarah fashion. While that happend only 30km in I would have rather ridden barefoot than turn back so I simply removed both clips and continued on for the remaining 90km. Now I am bot sure how many of you have attempted to cycle in road shoes clip-less but there isn't as much friction between you and the pedals as you would like which makes for many an amusing slip-up. All in all though I am very glad I went on and ad a truly amazing cycle (may have had a little to do with checking out the sexy planes in Richmond) and even discovered a new route.

My poor new shoes...

Given the exhaustion of the past few weeks today I have resorted to bribing myself with breakfast at my favorite cafe with a really good friend and trainer, Pei. I figure if anyone can scare some sense and rationality into me it is her. I have to say though since my ride yesterday spirits are definitely on the up and I am ready to concure the world again.

Running late for my cycle,


  1. naw thanks Pants!

    here are a few quotes to get you going

    Strength x Speed= Power

    Pain is weakness leaving the body

    Wake up in the morning with a big smile.Positive talk only from the second you wake up. It will be a good day and no one can stop u.

    We all have dreams,but in order to make those dreams become reality,it takes an awful lot of determination,craziness,dedication,self sacrifice and effort. U've done the long yards.Just enjoy the ride now.

    Just push it,don't hold back and have no regrets!

    Be pumped,stay pumped,you're gonna rock it!

    Live for the moment.Loosen up.Scream.Curse the world.Just let go. Just Be

    The mere athlete becomes too much of a savage

    Dear Pants, you are a fantastic athlete with a great focus. U've taught me what determination,will power and mental strength means over the last few yrs.I have never quite met anyone like u and don't think I ever will.U'll always be a very special friend with a very special place in my heart. Stay strong.Turn the stress into a positive,u work well under pressure anyways,all these little things will only make u stronger. I've got all the fait in u :) Ride swiftly this weekend!

    x Pei