Saturday, December 26, 2009

It is the Season for These Punctures...

But I want to ride! (Sexy Saeco cap thanks to Alex from Deus)

Be it the rain, my carelessness or Santa's sneaky substitute for coal it has not been a good 2 days with respect to punctures. Today's experience was however much more spectacular with a total blow out while clocking 60kph on the decent towards Galston Gorge. Having never experienced anything of the sort before I must say I was a little shaken and took a few minutes to recouperate before attempting to view and repair the damage.

Upon inspection I found a nasty gash across my tire and being 50km out was pretty stuck as to what to do. I was later informed that it is not unheard of to use $5 note to cover the hole on the inside (thanks Chris), however between my shaken state and having smartly packed shrapnel and plastic I was grateful when Adam (support on P4P 2009) offered to collect me.

No idea what did it but it sure did it fast and a good job of it as well

Yet again the boys at Bikecology came to the rescue, supplying me with a folding tire to get me through the next few few days of training while they order me another set. While Andrew kindly fitted the tire (I think he sensed both my laziness and exhaustion of the past week) I headed out to my favorite cafe for a good feed and break from it all. How could good coffee, salmon and GF cupcakes from AboutLife not make me smile?

Coffee, salmon, poached eggs, spinach, beans, mushrooms and GF toast.... AKA Heaven


  1. Lessons from Shu from life on the road:

    When it is raining, shit will happen.

    Two major forms of this shit are:

    1. Slip outs when cornering
    2. Puncturing on washed up debris

    Hope your luck (and the weather) changes!

  2. love the look of that breakfast!!!far out woman, u're looking super fit :)

  3. Well, a certain someone thought it would be a good idea for me to comment on your blog...

    Hope the rides goes well, I know you'll kill it (have no doubt in my mind), after all, what could stop you..?

    lets just hope that there is no more punctures... And yes, the above comment is quite accurate, you are looking super fit.

    P.S. Had an ok time on the GVBR ;)

  4. Hi Guys,

    Thank you so much for your comments. I can not tell you how much they made me smile. Definitely looking forward to more much needed inspiration, motivation and laughs from you all, it has been a tough week.

    Hope you are all well.

    Shu: Change in weather is not looking promising and I'm resorting to my norm of not believing in luck, I'll just need to be more careful particularly if there is any substance to the laws of three... When are you coming out cycling? Practice run Syd to Kiama on the 2nd (at the moment it may just be me with no support as the others have plans)

    Pei: mmmm breakfast... It was good, have to take you there as you would love it! Not sure they serve Nutella on Nutri Grain with Milo though...

    George: Thank you :) Guess I had an ok time at the GVBR as well...

  5. Hey!

    I wish someone fixes up my tyres when I am riding....

    Anyway, Hope the training is going well..I am sure you will do well, I will be there to make sure it happens!!