Friday, January 8, 2010

Crunch Time

Well finally the time is here, it is just on 12am and we are still packing for our epic adventure which begins... well today.

From left: Sri, Jimmy, myself and Warwik experienced a slight squeeze to fit in with all the stuff to pack

As we need to be gone from Meadowbank in 4 hours I will make this post short and sweet. Myself, Jimmy, Warwick, Chris S and Sri have had a fantastic night packing, fixing and catching up. Currently the care is more or less packed, chicken is grilling, eggs are boiling and most importantly of all my bike has red tires (that's correct RED TIRES! Yay!!!). I would like to express my disgust at Warwick's nerve to bring his bike to the party also dressed in red tires, our bikes have ever sorted their differences and have taken to snuggling up close against my bedroom wall in an effort to conserve space in my shoebox of an apartment.

Bike snuggles!

We all are looking forward to seeing you in Sydney (9th Jan), Canberra(11th & 12th Jan), Melbourne (21st Jan) on the road (all dates between those stated). I will have my mobile on me the entire way and will be regularly updating the blog so keep posted and feel free to drop me a line.

Take care and sweet dreams.


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