Monday, January 18, 2010

Day11- Sucking it up

I think I can, I think I can, I know I can... Golden Books taught me well

Saying it has been a long day is an understatement. Since my last post I have has a magnitude of highs and lows the first being my visit to the physiotherapist, Kim. As much as he was reluctant Kim kindly took me to the exercise bike in the rehabilitation section of the hospital so we could see how I would go, gage how much pain and just general logistics surrounding getting back on my bike. This was definitely a high. I managed it all so well, pain was minimal and smile was as big as ever.

Carrie, me and little Carrie saying goodbye

As I had already been given the all clear from the doctor and now with the aid of excessive strapping tape, a list of painkillers and required dosage times we were ready to roll. Carrie (only the most fantastic nurse in the world) and the boys had convinced me to give my shoulder a rest for today and drive to Moe then look at riding starting tomorrow. So after saying our farewells the boys and I set off around Bairnsdale to work our way through the todo list prior to heading to Moe. The to-do list consisted of:

  1. Fix Bike

  2. Fix Jersey

  3. New Helmet

  4. New Arm Warmers

  5. Get lunch from the awesome chocolate cafe (Crave)

Tasks 1, 3 and 4 were simple as we were directed to Riviera Cycles by the Pharmacist who sorted all 3 in the time it took us to complete task 5. Task 2 on the other hand was not as simple as first thought. Due to landing on my head this had to be chopped off, and while Dave and David did their utmost to cut along the seams when removing it the seamstress took one look, laughed and told me to throw it out. As a result I went with plan B, went next door, bought cotton and a singlet top and will fix it myself after dinner tonight.

Letter writen with my right hand thanking Dave and David for such a fantastic job scrapping me off the road

After all tasks were complete we decided we better begin the journey towards Moe. It was around half way I realised how much the hospital pain relief had helped, actually becoming physically ill from pain is not fun at all. Keeping to myself I sucked it up and took the prescribed painkillers in hope all will calm down soon.

Learning what goes on in the car scares me a just little (that haad been sitting in te heat all day!)

Upon arriving to Moe the boys began to set up camp while I did what I had been dreading all night, face the bike. All I can say is if there was ever a moment of truth it was then. Getting the bike down was not a problem, getting on the bike was slow but fine, similarly with positioning on the handlebars. Pain from applying pressure and distributing weight, there wasa lot of teeth clenching but I could stomach it. However no matter how hard I tried I could not physically get my left leg to pedal into position without my whole body giving way. We tried the lot, redistribution, repositioning and even rearranging seat heights, no matter what we did that motion killed me each time.

Boys setting up camp yet again

Gearing up to give it a go

As much as I am putting on a brave face with the boys to be honest I am gutted, I am fairly certain they will not see this until after Thursday so I will be honest here. Good news is the show must go on and while I wont be able to do tomorrow I have no doubt I'll try for Thursday and at any rate I will be in the car to each stop meeting the support groups along the way. As for Melbourne we will no matter what be there on time, Federation Square Thursday between 8:40 and 9:20, even if I cant the boys will cycle and I will at very least run my bike in. I think the think I need to come to terms with is that while making the cycle is a big thing for me and I am torn that I cant do the whole thing, the whole point of the cycle was o raise public awareness surrounding Parkinson's Disease and funds towards Parkinson's Australia, and we have successfully done both.

It's what you achieve not how you get there (Myself and Winey at 2009 Parkinson's Awareness Week)

I will keep you all up dated as to how things go the next few days and once again thank you all for your kind support.



  1. Make little Sarah and little Carrie do the riding for you. Little Sarah has sat on for over 1000km and little Carrie, well, must feel like new!

    It's a pity that you're physically unable to finish the ride yourself, but I'm sure Jimmy, Sri & Warrick will do you proud, and like you said, the whole point of the cycle was to raise public awareness surrounding Parkinson's Disease and raise funds towards Parkinson's Australia, and you have successfully done both.

    So try to turn any frown upside because you've been able to achieve what so many wouldn't even dream of. :-) x

  2. This is still an amazing journey. Sarah - you are showing us all so much courage that we continue to learn from you, and so we support you and your cause. Many more of us are now aware of Parkinson's disease. You will make it to Melbourne with your bike and you did do the Pedal 4 Parkinson's 2010! Enjoy the rest of the trip - and take care of yourself and the lads.