Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 13 - Check in (To be Finished)

All back together, even if I did have to get up 3hrs later it was worth every stitch

We made it to Melbourne! More or less in one piece. We also have made it back to Canberra, hence the late post.

I do however have to apologise and say that I will put up the full post of todays events upon returning to Sydney tomorrow (or prior if I can) as I took my pain killers prior to sitting down to this without thinking how they may cause issues. May also be best I get some sleep before driving again as while Bairnsdale Hospital was the best hospital experience I have ever had I would personally like to arrive home in the same (well preferably better) state that I am in now, without hospital aid.

Running in, with the speedy cyclists hot on my trail

Welcoming party, full of smiles and cheers

Nerissa and me finally meet (this woman is amazing -more details to come)

As such I just wanted to post a quick not telling you all we are all well, and we have had a fantastic day which I will document tomorrow, slightly more rested and slightly less drugged.



  1. What a fabulous finish! Well done Sarah. Brendan and Ingrid and I are intersted in joining you next year on your Victorian leg. Talk soon. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Well done Sarah. I must apologise for not following the posts- I didn't realise you were in a spill! Seems to be going around, I was in an accident on Wednesday arvo- involved a pothole.
    Didn't manage to fracture or break anything but I DID manage to split open my chin. Got 3 stitches and now no longer handsome :P

    Bike got pretty roughed up too. It's in the shop now awaiting TLC.

    Wishing you a very speedy recovery!