Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 11 (Morning) – Finding the best way to manage lost time

The boys have yet again taken amazing care of me

Even in the comfortable surrounds of the Bairnsdale hospital and the doping effects of way way way to much pain medication my body still some how will not allow me to sleep past the sunrise. Being a touch disorientated when I awoke and in dire need of a pee I went to shoot up and off to the loo only to be brought crashing back down with a sight reminder that my top left rib is fractured and I was attached to a large number of cords. I was a little more careful, and awake when I tried this again.

I would like to apologies for my briefness in posting last night as I was really not well, I think a combination of pain killers, anti-inflammatory medication and perhaps a touch of pain got the better of me. Good news is I am feeling a million times better now,even if this is due to having a very understanding doctor and nurses who are doing everything they can to (safely) get me back out pedaling asap. As a result I have been given the all clear to leave today as other than drug me up and spoil me there is not much more that they can do. Apparently cycling will be doable on the grounds I feel I can put up with the pain and of course safely control the bike.

Doctor speek always ties my head in a knot.. (define: ?#(L)1st)

So I have called the boys, sweet talked the hospital staff for double breakfast and am about to get out the maps and itinerary and sort how we are best to approach this as I will with out a doubt be going very slow.

Thank you all for the well wishes, every bit of encouragement has and will help me get back on my bike.



  1. Take care Sarah. You and your team have done splendidly to get so far. Parkinsons ACT wish you well.

  2. If you're wondering what that ?#(L)1st means, I have an official translation:

    ? = Minor/Possible (not 100% sure on that one, but I think it's right.
    # = Fracture
    (L) = Left
    1st = 1st(Top).

    So "?#(L)1st Rib proximal end" is shorthand for:
    "Minor Fracture on the proximal end of your left first rib".

    In this context I'm not 100% sure which end of the rib is the proximal end (I'm sure you could tell me based on which is the sore bit.......), but that should at-least clear things up a little.

    Oh, and 50mg of Voltaren plus Panadeine Forte?!? Looks like you'll be taking the high road the rest of the way......

  3. Will try not to make you laugh as I know from personal experience how much it can agrivate a fractured rib, but running on the rest day of your cycling expedition!?!? How silly... Some jokes aside, keep up the awesome work developing those tan lines (as seen in the post from two days ago) and hope that the weather improves to take your mind off the pain on your way to Melbourne (then hurry back to Sydney!). x