Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 4 – Redefinition of Rest Day

What a truly perfect day!

Between being pampered with a massive 1.5 hour sleep in, a run along my favorite route, unbeatable sunrise along said route and an interview with WIN News (which we had to cycle to) I'm not sure today could get better (actually mum is cooking fish tonight so it already has).

As you may already be aware today was our rest day, as I am not one to sleep in I decided to leave the boys to it and relax in the way I know best. One of the things I think I miss most about Canberra is the accessibility to bushland and as a result took advantage and revisited one of my old running tracks. Even with the most amazing sunrise and views,and even though I felt on top of the world I would like to make clear to all concerned parties that I did not do my full run and kept to a sensible pace given it was a rest day (I can not tell you how much it pained me to turn around).

The Pancake stack, I had 3 frypans going

Upon returning I cooled off with a quick swim with my puppy (who lives in Canberra with my family) before cooking breakfast for the boys. I did try ever so hard to cook quietly as I wanted them to sleep as long as they could but my standard pan clanging and bench banging woke Warwick which in turn lead to chatter and laughter between us followed by the others emerging. While slightly disgruntled at being stirred all was forgiven when handed a fresh cup of coffee and a banquet of pancakes, eggs, and grilled veg. Breakfast was also accompanied by a fantastic article by The Canberra Times (Pg 12).

Little Sarah and I having a girly chat prior to cycling today

After breakfast we began to plan our day of relaxation when I received a phone call informing us that we had an interview with WIN News and we were to cycle back in to Parliament House by 11:30am. I can honestly say I have never seen the boys move so fast in the morning, plates and food were cleaned away, bikes out and ready, nicks on and we were off. The interview went really well as did the cycle in and hopefully I will obtain a copy to post so those out of area can enjoy (especially the part were Warwick obtains yet another puncture during the interview).

Circling Parliament House while waiting to meet WIN News

Jimmy, Warwick and Norman (CEO of Parkinson's Australia) prior to meeting with WIN

Once we recovered from the buzz we called to the bike store for more inner-tubes it was deemed that the puncture war between Warwick and Jimmy wasn't over yet (Warwick – 3, Jimmy - 3). While there the sparkle and general pinkness of a group of bikes caught our eyes (ok my eyes) and much to the staffs entertainment we had to give them a go (well the boys may have been threatened at knife point). Next stop was lunch at a local cafe who make the yummiest gluten free pizzas and searching for a cheap bluetooth head set enabling me to safely answer media calls (alas $120 was a bit much).

Go Team! I think it gives as all the VaVroom we need

Ok so they had to pry me off and pull me out of the store before I bought the bike (for little Sarah of course)

In the afternoon we each went our own ways; Jimmy to Avitar, Warwick to show Sri the art of road cycling and myself to visit my old bosses and friends. Currently we are packing ready to hit the road again, and awaiting a splendid dinner prepared by mum.

On a more serious note I received a very thoughtful call today from one of the support groups we are meeting in a few days giving a warning and update on bush fires. If any of you are on our route or just if you hear of anything happening please text or call it into me on 0432 713 298 even if it is happening prior to us coming to the area. I would rather be told the same information a million times than not find out at all and while we will be frequenting the on line maps, updates and info lines we can't do this 24/7 and I think it's best to be safer rather than sorry. So please contact me with any information.

Well I have left the boys hard at work packing and really need to give a helping hand.

Sri hard at work packing the car

Warwick practicing for Puncture King Title



  1. Go Sarah and the boys!

    Fantastic effort and I hope it all keeps going well and the Puncture Gods smile upon you.

    We will keep tracking you on the blog and have a glass of champagne for you when you reach Melbourne!

    good luck and tail winds.

    Tim, Mhairi and the kids

  2. Thanks guys, sorry we didn't have much time to call past. Comming back to Canberra on our way home will call around.