Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 3 – The sound of gearing down

One thing that occurred to me this morning as we were cycling up the Clyde was that being a Monday there would be so many many people sitting in their offices sipping coffee and suffering serious Modayitice. Then there was us, up at 4am, lacking coffee due to stove issues and cycling up the Clyde. The thing that confused me the most about this is that that logically (at least to the social norm) what we were doing under the given conditions should have in fact been more painful than any intentional roast consuming cubical position, but we were loving it.

The boys are slowly warming to 4am starts... Perhaps a little slower than my hill pace

Our luck was up (excluding the coffee and a minor puncture issue... again) as for the entire of the Clyde we were blessed with cool cloudy conditions with the occasional mist. I wont go as far as saying the climb was an easy one however I will say it is no where near as bad as you all seem to think. To make things better it would appear the Federal Government was kind enough to redo a vast majority of the road and as a result the climb was fantastically smooth. These splendid cool conditions were soon replaced by blistering sun and exposed road as we headed towards Canberra.

Warwick and I couldn't get enough Sunscrean in the afternoon heat

Even given the mornings terrain and the extreme afternoon conditions we kept good time and made it into Canberra right on schedule. Here we were met by the Canberra Parkinsons' support group and CEO of Parkinsons' Australia: Norman, who had set up their cheer team righ of Parliament House. We would like to send a big thank you to all that came to see us and an apology for being maybe a little vague due to excitement, disbelief and possibly a little bit of exposure.

Canberra Support group at Parliment House (note my vague-ness)

What a pleasent supprise, should cycle to Canberra on a regular basis

We have all settled in for the night after enjoying a fine feast set out by my mother and are looking forward to a rest day tomorrow (and a run).

Jimmy developed a close bond with the brats pillow as soon as we arrived home

Until tomorrow.........



  1. A tremendous effort. The rest of the journey should be comparatively easy, provided you get the stove fixed for that morning cup of coffee!

  2. Dear Sarah,

    As always a fantastic achievement and as always you do not do things by halves. Take care on the road to B.B. tomorrow. Wonderfully seeing you in Canberra. Look forward to reading about your adventures.
    Carol - CIC Secure

  3. Well done on the hill climb guys. Am impressed by your core determination! Keep it up!

  4. Great work on the hill climb guys. Keep up the h2o! Am thoroughly impressed with your core determination. Go team!

  5. Thans guys, we are almost there! The boys have been a god send!

    Hope you areall well.