Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 9 – Totaled by a tent

Boys at dinner last night enjoying the peace without Sarah

I tried to sleep in, I really did, phone was switched off temperatures were right and I had no real pressing matters to tend to. Even with such perfect conditions as soon as 530am ticked over it was almost like someone had injected a double espresso straight into my blood steam. I spent the next half hour willing myself to sleep knowing that it may be my last decent sleep for a week, but the bribes of a longer beach run only made me want to get up faster. So up I got, by the time I had located my running gear (which the boys had threatened to confiscate), drink bottles and reached blindly into Sri's tent to find the keys the boys had stirred. All in all waking them up did work in my favor as while I went for my run they went out to buy ingredients for the most ultimate feast (only to be beaten by lunch).

Our breakfast - in the words of Jimmy "Fuel the machine"

I'm getting good at pancakes (confused at this salute theme the boys have)

Boys cooking up a storm

The run was fantastic, I was however grateful that I was tackling the headwinds on foot rather than bike and am really hoping they die down a little before tomorrows ride. Breakfast was amazing, we cooked up pancakes, eggs, mushrooms, zucchini and tomato and ate so very much. It is becoming clear to me if there is one thing these boys know how to do it is cook a lot of food, they follow up with the eating part quite well too (I still win there).

After breakfast it was chore time, the choices were:

1) Clean up after breakfast
2) Do the clothes washing

Due to the fact that even the idea of a bra bag confused the day lights out of the boys I decided it may be in my best interests to take on chore number two.... next time I think I'll sacrifice the bras. It wasn't too bad and to be honest my stuff smelt just as much but I was confused that between two boys over the course of a week only one pair of socks was needing a wash. I spent the next few hours waiting for the loads to wash and dry while catching upon emails and sorting admin for the next few days of riding, the boys cleaned up within half an hour and spent the next few hours playing Street Fighter and Terminator Pinball (Sri apparently won).

The washing bag

After the washing was done and neatly folded might I add (even if it was out of habit they still didn't notice) we decided it was time to seek out lunch. After suggesting to the boys we buy some prawns, oysters and salad ingredients to eat on the water and being “poo-pooed” on the grounds they would rather have someone else do all the work we spent the next 2 hours walking around Lakes failing to find anything they wanted. It as around this time the boys came up with a great idea, something along the lines of “Hey let's get some prawns, oysters and salad ingredients to eat on the water”, hmmmmm.

Lunch was even more massive than breakfast, to the point leftovers have been factored into tonights dinner. Sri also used this time to be introduced to oysters, which he didn't like one bit. Half way through enjoying the food and sun the clouds moved in and the rain began forcing us to vacate.

Sri just got us all the picture in before we dived in to lunch

Sand sculpture along the water (I found the turtle - the boys couldn't)

In the afternoon I left the boys to look at camping stores and I wandered the coffee shops and stores while I waited. Sitting down to coffee I had a massive Sarah moment while on the phone to my mother and spilled the entire large hot very needed latte everywhere before even as much as smelling it.

Always wanted to be able to flip, perhaps not exactly like this

Back at camp we decided we better get organised before any more rain settled in and put out the tarps to unpack, reorganise and repack the car. We are well and truly getting good at this however in our extreme moments of flawless efficiency I somehow managed to not register that Sri's tent was where it has been the last 24 hours and totaled myself in the most hilarious fashion.

The boys are getting a new high score in car tetris

Currently we are sitting in the caravan park kitchen area and the boys are mastering Mexican while playing Guess Who and dodging little kids as they dart past. One thing I am liking is while they are busy they have less time to plot or play their little games, the most recent one being “who can make the OC side of Sarah crack first”.

Better help them with dinner. Tomorrow Jimmy and I head for Sale.

Can you tell that I've been cycling?

Look at that muscle! Wow Jimmy

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  1. Hi gang,

    I've got the utmostrespect for what you are doing - it is no mean feat to ride the distances that you are. Keep up the good wotk.

    And Sarah, how do you get the motivation to update the blog daily??

    Hope the fundraising is going well.

    See you in Canberra Friday.