Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 5 – Never ever say the 'R' or 'P' words

Well it's been a long few days and after 3 hours sleep last night and jam packed day today I am definitely ready for bed, yet here I am sitting in my pjs on the concrete back at Camp Long Beach so I don't wake Jimmy and Warwick with my clumpy typing. Sri is still up packing the car and occasionally poking me to ensure I finish this post. As a result I am so sorry if I seem to skim or miss things in todays post but my eyelids are hardly able to stay open and given the next 3 days are near 150km blocks each more than 3hrs sleep may be an idea.

Sarah and Sarah

Today began with a very welcoming site at Parliament House (other than the hot egg rolls my mum had kindly prepared), a gentleman by the name of Dennis Smith who was apart of the Canberra Parkinson's support group had come to wish us well. Not only this but this early morning adventure had inspired him to write a poem, see as follows:

Pedalling for Parkinson’s

Told Sarah McDonald that I’d see if I could get inspired and write a poem fo rher. She is riding a push bike from Sydney to Melbourne to raise funds for Parkinson’s .research.

What am I doing up at this ridiculous hour?

My eyes are tired and my mouth tastes sour

My legs won’t move and my brain does ache

It’s much too early for normal people to be awake

It is 5:00am and the sun’s still lying in bed

And that’s where I should be but I’m here instead

Although it is early I am not alone

There are others around I can hear them moan

It’s Sarah McDonald and her crazy support crew

One to drive the car and then bikers there’s two

Riding from Sydney to Melbourne, yes they are

It would be much bloody easier travelling by car

But they are fundraising for Parkinson’s Disease

So donate money and support them please

From Sydney to Canberra via Bateman’s Bay

Back to Bateman’s Bay they are riding today

They will then carry on down along the coast

They’ll make it easy I heard them boast

Sarah started the ride with ten other bikers

And all but two have turned out to be pikers

This is Warwick and Mickey’s longest ride

They are looking good but feeling real tired

We think that they had a failure in their brain

That has caused them both to become insane

Their support man is the organized Sri

He is the only sane one you will see

He doesn’t ride but drives the support car

And is often found waiting for them at a bar

This is Sarah’s second fundraising ride

And her enthusiasm she just cannot hide

Ten minutes to the start of another day’s fun”

She tells the others as they wait for the sun

They are on their bikes then on their way

A couple of hundred kilometers to ride today

I wave goodbye and watch them disappear

Their fundraising efforts deserve a big cheer

Dennis and the boys enjoying the beautiful morning

Once on the road we were blessed with yet another puncture (Warwick – 3, Jimmy – 5) and managed to capture some of the stop on camera. (filmed a bit too but doesn't want to upload at this moment)

The slice of puncture number 8 (5th for Jimmy)

Busted using the pink pump!

The main part of todays ride had to be going down the Clyde, lucky for us the boys had toyed with fate the night before mentioning the 'R' word a few times. As a result the trip own the Clyde was a little more wet, had a lot lower visibility and higher stress levels than originally intended. But we made it all in one piece and were greeted yet again by Clare from the Eurobodella Support group.

At rest without a knife the boys hadn't used on their Gluten filled food... fun

It fit, both in mouth and tum

Upon arriving to Batemans Bay our first task was to get clean for dinner with the Eurobodella Support group. This was made particularly interesting given both Jimmy and I had left our towels in Canberra. Our solution? Jimmy used his spare sheet and I took up a clean tea towel (not as absorbent as I had hoped... After finally getting clean and dry we headed off to dinner and dare I say it were spoiled rotten. I even got my very own plate of gluten free eggs sandwiches. It was a lot of fun and a great experience for myself and the boys to meet with this fantastic group and I really can not thank them enough for their hospitality and friendship.

At Clare and Davids after dinner with the support group (Tummy filled with the yummiest food)

I guess that brings us here, to the concrete. I am sure I am missing lots and will endeavor to be slightly more alert for future posts. Hope you are all well, touch of home sickness kicked in today not that I want to go home but instead those who are home should be here cycling with me!


PS: Warwick is starting to stress a little about Sri's driving

Sri is driving poor Warwick mad

I think the look says all


  1. go sarah! can't wait to catch up xx

  2. Can't wait to see you too! and go for many many many runs! Straight back into it when I get back missy