Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 2 - Inspirations, life lessons, flats & boys who can't take their chillie

Berry rest stop prior to cycling out with Ian

Today I met one of the most inspirational people, Ian Parr from Berry. Ian was introduced to me by John from the Illawara North support group and cycled a leg from Berry to Nowra with myself and the boys. Sitting around the dinner table tonight and discussing our encounter with Ian a general consensus was reached that the man is a champion, setting the pace and keeping our spirits high with many a cycling story. We enjoyed our time so much with him we have extended a special invitation for him to join us on next years ride (what better way to celebrate his 80th year).

In other news we are keeping the stats consistent with the boys noticing 20km out of Mollymook that 2 of them had flats. As a result we pulled over to the side in an aim to avoid issue with Sunday traffic and fixed both bikes (Warwick and I won as Jimmy and Chris managed to puncture another tire in the process). This slight delay was backed up by my flawless navigational skills and decision to take the boys for a scenic tour through the slightly undulating back streets of Mollymook, I figured 4km of hill sprints was the best way to freshen up before lunch. In conducting this scenic tour I never considered how dangerous the roads could be, this was soon realised when we found ourselves under fire of a driveby water bomb attack (Alas their aim was not good enough which did disappoint us given the heat and hills we had experienced).

Finally made it to Mollymook

Another key event of the day was the learning of a very important life lesson, no matter how late you are you should never ever scoff lunch then start off again in one breath, especially if you determine how much you scoff by how much you have eaten in past lunches as they were spread over 1.5 hours rather than a couple of minutes. I definitely learned this the hard way, the result being dumping the bike and making for the bushes.

4 boys cooking for me, whaat more could a girl want?

Currently we are sitting down to a glorious meal of green curry prepared by the boys. While Sri and myself think it was perfect Chris, Jimmy and Warwick spent the meal sweating and sniffing the entire meal. I think we will be making 2 batches next time.

We are sharing a campground with the kangaroos, mozzies and leeches at Camp Long Beach tonight and are looking forward to a good night sleep in prep for the long day tomorrow.

Camp Long Beach (spent many a summer here)

Hope you are all well.


  1. Which tyre did Jimmy puncture? Was it the GP4000 on the front?

  2. Sounds like your havin fun Sarah... Hope you get some cool weather soon. Good Luck :) Pete