Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 8 - DST-1K Bug

Gathering around camp

I've decided that while my perception on temperature has been really out of whack for the past few days there are many different ways I am coming to learn to aid me in gaging it's severity. Clearly you have your standards like the time it takes your iced drink bottle to be hotter than your morning coffee, or even second degree burns on the soles of your feet and lower legs as a result of the heat radiating from the tar. Today I discovered a new indicator which would work for all extremities, it was deemed a hot day today when 100km in we opened the “Aussie Bum Cream” to find it quite literally boiling. Ouch!

This morning started quite comically with Warwick, Jimmy and I waking to a frantic Sri yelling across camp “Come on guys, you up?” after trying to reason with Sri that is was in fact 3:30am and not the prearranged 4:00am it became clear he was delusional and would not believe us, so we all ignored him and stayed in bed blocking out his curses. Once up and fed we all chipped in to pack up camp before Jimmy and I rode off and Sri drove Warwick to Lakes Entrance to get back to Melbourne.

Good to know I'm the boss

Jimmy posing to be the hotdog man

Jimmy and I had a fun morning cycling, stopping at Cann River to post yesterdays blog and then cycling pretty much straight on the Cabbage Tree Creek. We were all really looking forward to this stop as some weeks ago I received a call from a lady by the name of Kathy who had read my itinerary and could not understand why we had our rest scheduled at the truck stop past Cabbage Tree Creek rather than in town. To be honest neither could I so the stop was re scheduled to be at the General Store / Cafe. As Jimmy and I had aced the morning legs we arrived not only before Sri but also an hour early. After introducing ourselves to the owners Jo and Pete we sat down to a coffee while we waited for Sri before ordering much needed meals. While we didn't get to spend nearly enough time in Cabbage Tree Creek I am really keen to give myself more time to explore it when I next pass through, between the great coffee, tasty food and fantastic company of Jo, Kathy and Peter I have no doubts we will not only be back soon but also be moving our rest stop there permanently.

Outside the general store at Cabbage Tree Creek

Next on the route was Newmerella, a little place just outside of Orbost. Here we were greeted with the smiles and kind offerings of cold drinks, watermelon and biscuits from Sarah, Ted, Joe and Reuben all from the Orbost support group. After sitting down to a nice lunch and chat with the group we all decided we would recruit Reuben as or support in training for this and many future rides. This amazing 4 year old put a smile on all our faces and was very good at ensuring we all had enough biscuits and water, he even helped Sri fill up all our bottles.

Orbost Support Group

Reuben and his masterpiece

Sri got Reuben in training early

In other news we passed the 1000km mark today, which Jimmy and I counted down as we approached the exit to Orbost. When the odometer hit 999.99km we were ready to cheer only to find that it simply ticked back over to zero... so much for the picture with the odometer reading at the end. This has been named the DST-1k Bug and I am far from happy as there is no reason as to why it can't count past 1000km given it's total measured distance is already well into the thousands.

5.86km..... try 1005.86km.... grumble grumble

We are currently in Lakes Entrance and the boys are waiting for me in the restaurant as my computer decided to break mid post before dinner so I am left to rewrite it. There are a number of plans being thrown around with respects to what we will do tomorrow but at this stage I will be more than content if it doesn't storm and I get my beach run. Guess I'll keep you posted.


PS: Lakes Entrance Support Group: I tried to call a few times and couldn't get on to any one, we waited at the park but couldn't find anyone to meet us. In Lakes all day tomorrow so please feel free to call.


  1. COngratulations on the 1000K mark!

  2. Another congratulations on the 1000 km mark - that's an amazing achievement. Keep up the excellent work of raising awareness of Parkison's Disease - we are all so inspired by you. Enjoy the last part of your ride.